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    Chrome extensions for iOS Developers

    I switched from Safari to Chrome a few months ago and have enjoyed the speed improvements and the many useful extensions.  Although being an iOS developer there are some things that do not work as well in Chrome as they did in Safari.

    The first is iTunes Connect.  When accessing the Sales reports in iTunes Connect from Chrome, you will see the loading spinner, just spin and spin.  After a few refreshes you can finally get the report to come through.  This can be frustrating as this is the only source of information for developers on how many apps have been downloaded.  Luckily there is an extension called iTunes Connect fix which fixes this problem.  Just install this extension and the reports load immediately just like Safari.

    The second is searching for developer documentation within Chrome.  There is a great shortcut extension that will let you search directly within Chrome for content within the iOS and Mac documentation.  AppleDocsChrome will help speed up your search results and makes finding documentation content even easier.

    Another great extension is the AppStore Instant Extension which allows you to get Google Instant like search results from the AppStore.