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    Pennies on the Dollar: iAds vs. Admob

    First week of data is in on the integration of AdMob ads into Traceroute.  As I previously wrote about my frustration with the fill rate with iAds, I decided to leverage AdMob ads when iAds fail to populate(why and how).

    The fill rate has increased substantially as I am now nearing 80% fill rate on all ad requests, where previously with iAds alone the fill rate was below 10%.  At first glance this would seem like a win, but then I took a look at the revenue and eCPM for my now blossoming ad views, and my jaw dropped.  I had become accustomed to eCPM of $2-5 dollars on iAds but in AdMob, I am getting pennies. 






    It has only been a week so far, so I will continue to watch as more impressions come in to see if the eCPM improves, but so far for a niche app like Traceroute with ~1000 requests a day, AdMob doesn't seem to be worth the hassle of presenting ads to my users.

    Looking around AdWhirl peeked my curiosity and I plan on looking into that further during free time over the holiday to see if I will get better results from integrating more ad networks into Traceroute.