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    Pennies on the Dollar: iAds vs. Admob

    First week of data is in on the integration of AdMob ads into Traceroute.  As I previously wrote about my frustration with the fill rate with iAds, I decided to leverage AdMob ads when iAds fail to populate(why and how).

    The fill rate has increased substantially as I am now nearing 80% fill rate on all ad requests, where previously with iAds alone the fill rate was below 10%.  At first glance this would seem like a win, but then I took a look at the revenue and eCPM for my now blossoming ad views, and my jaw dropped.  I had become accustomed to eCPM of $2-5 dollars on iAds but in AdMob, I am getting pennies. 






    It has only been a week so far, so I will continue to watch as more impressions come in to see if the eCPM improves, but so far for a niche app like Traceroute with ~1000 requests a day, AdMob doesn't seem to be worth the hassle of presenting ads to my users.

    Looking around AdWhirl peeked my curiosity and I plan on looking into that further during free time over the holiday to see if I will get better results from integrating more ad networks into Traceroute.


    AdMob To The Rescue?

    As I wrote last week, I've been unhappy with the fill rate of my iAds in Traceroute.  I've been exploring my alternatives, AdMob, Mobclix, Medialets, etc and decided to settle on AdMob.  AdMob implements ads in a very similar way as iAds(320px, 48px), so it makes the integration much more straightforward.  

    While I have been unhappy with the fill rate of iAds, I have been very happy with the revenue I receive per click, so instead of just replacing iAds in Traceroute, I decided to populate AdMob ads when iAds fail to load.  This way I would have a much higher likelihood of delivering ads, and in theory get the best of both worlds.

    The folks over at AdMob have a great wiki that will walk you through the necessary steps to get the AdMob library imported into your project and the necessary dependencies. You can follow that guide here so I wont bother going into the basics of how to implement AdMob ads.

    Instead I'll just show you the simple two lines of code that placed strategically I believe will solve my fill rate issues. My implementing the AdMob ad call within the iAds presentation failure, I ensure that there will not be contention, as well as that AdMob will pick up the slack where iAds fails.


    - (void)bannerView:(ADBannerView *)banner didFailToReceiveAdWithError:(NSError *)error {

    // iAds failed to load, lets take advantage with AdMob

    // Request an ad

    adMobAd = [AdMobView requestAdWithDelegate:self]; // start a new ad request

    [adMobAd retain]; // this will be released when it loads (or fails to load)