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    Don't write down feature requests!

    While reading the great book from 37 Signals Rework I came across an interesting suggestion, "Don't write down feature requests." This seemed to go against my natural instincts to write down all suggestions, because if some wants it, I should put it in right?

    Well as Traceroute Pro went out to the public and I started hearing back from users, I didn't listen to the suggestion and started writing down all the feature requests. "I think there should be a dancing unicorn in the background to entertain me while I wait for the results." Err ok...

    So needless to say after getting a few crazy requests, Jason's words started to resonate with me.

    What I've found is that the best way to approach it is to just read all requests, and then throw them away. If they are good ideas and valid suggestions, you will hear them a few times and they will stick.

    I used this approach with the latest update for Traceroute Pro. No it doesn't have that dancing unicorn, but it does have the ability to save sites to your favorites and maintains a full history of your past tests.  These are two of the most requested features that I heard from my users and after I implemented them, I couldnt imagine having created the application without them.