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    Baby Logs

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    • Track Daily Bottle or Breast Feedings
    • Determine how much your baby is eating each day or week. Is it enough?
    • Ensure your Breast Feeding is balanced across both Breasts. 
    • How often is your baby having bowel movements?


    Baby Logs is an application for new parents, that allows you to track all important aspects of your new child's life.  Any new parent knows how important it is to make sure that your child is being properly nourished and Baby Logs can do just that. We provide full capabilities to track all feedings for your baby, Bottle, Breast, or Solid food.  Baby Logs then generates relevant statistics on this data that will allow you to see how much your child is eating on a daily and weekly basis.

    Baby Logs also provides capabilities to track how often your child goes to the bathroom and log any important information associated with this.  Being able to track this level of detail gives parents data that can be useful to monitor for dehydration or other conditions.


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